New updated version of the Data Stewardship Wizard available

The Data Stewardship Wizard has new features built in to make the management of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data even easier. A question-based decision tree guides researchers, step-by-step, through all aspects of data management: IT, archival and data publication, sustainability and the entire FAIR data spectrum. It assists with finding the right expertise, technologies and, by showcasing practical experiences from others and it further guides researchers to avoid (often unknown) risks.

The recently released version 2.0 now arranged its questions according to the widely used data life cycle from the UK Library.

It can also now generate Science Europe compliant Data Management Plans. The foundations for these new features were built last year in November together with our partners in ELIXIR (ELIXIR-CZ and ELIXIR-NL) at the European Biohackathon. Jointly, with science funders and help of GO-FAIR, DTL and ELIXIR is continuously improving the wizard as an easy-to-use tool to manage FAIR data in research projects.

Advancing the wizard is also an integral part of the recently launched ELIXIR project CONVERGE. In this project all of ELIXIR’s Data Management services to life science researchers will be bundled in such a way that they are easily findable, making it more efficient than listing all the tools.

Check out the updated version.

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