Recent developments around FAIR Data Stewardship presented at the FAIR Converge Symposium 2020

During the International FAIR Convergence Symposium organised by CODATA and GO FAIR CODATA and GoFAIR Nov 27 – Dec 4 DTL/ELIXIR-NL presented ongoing work advancing data stewardship training, skills and competences.

Current developments in the Dutch National Program Open Science (NPOS) project F on ‘Professionalising data stewardship: Competences, training & education’ were summarized by Celia van Gelder.

What’s more, Mijke Jetten highlighted three case studies illustrating career tracks for data stewards in the Netherlands. Data stewards roles from the TU Delft, University Medical Center Utrecht and the HAN University of Applied Sciences (Arnhem/Nijmegen) served as representative examples.

Last but not least, Mijke Jetten also presented an overview of various international initiatives in professionalising data stewardship. This included the NPOS F project, DTL’s own Data Stewardship Interest Group (DS-IG), the recently established Research Data Alliance (RDA) Professionalising Data Stewardship Interest Group (PDS IG) and the RDA/LCRDM 23 things project, which collected practical tools for data stewards to use in their daily work.

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