Application Profile for Machine-Actionable Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are currently most often text documents. Already since a long time there are ideas that it would be great to have the information that is written up in a DMP available for all kinds of other goals: from policy (e.g. to answer questions like “what fraction of our funded projects is using proteomics data”) to resource planning (“how much storage space is needed to satisfy all active projects in the coming 2 years”). Also, there is a need for integration of DMPs with other software, e.g. to copy information that is anyway available in a CRIS system or in the ORCID database. To be able to realise these dreams, a workgroup of the Research Data Alliance ( has been working on a data model that can represent the needed information from the DMP in a structured way. After the completion of the core model, several tools used for data management planning have implemented this standard to different extents, including the Data Stewardship Wizard ( that ELIXIR-NL is developing together with ELIXIR-CZ. The results of all this work has now been published in the article “Application Profile for Machine-Actionable Data Management Plans (”. Dr Rob Hooft.

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