Networking Day in Utrecht

Will you join us? Tuesday the 29th of March LCRDM will have its first Networking Day of 2022 in Utrecht, in the Muntgebouw, from 10.00-16.00. LCRDM take this opportunity to reflect on a decade of RDM professionals, the value added to research and science. And of course, LCRDM will look forward: what’s up, new and different in the RDM landscape. The day will have sample time and space to reconnect with colleagues. During the morning program researchers and RDM support staff will talk about their synergy in Research and Data Management ( ( A keynote will be provided by 4TU and NWO on the ‘third’ space RDM professionals may encounter.
In the afternoon you can join two different workshops (out of 4) provided by amongst others: eScience, DANS with the new things to come. The full and detailed program will be provided shortly.
The registration is open. Reconnect, reflect and look forward as a data support collective

Kind regards,The LCRDM advisory group

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