Partner Advisory Committee May, 2022

The primary role of DTL as public-private partnership is to establish a collective national platform for Digital Life Sciences. In this role, DTL connects experts in research and infrastructure initiatives in the field struggling with similar challenges related to data management and shared use to help overcome these challenges in the many fields of life sciences and health and related societal sectors. The assembly of DTL partners illustrated the great overlap in challenges and ideas towards realising digital infrastructures and ‘data spaces’, linking health to nutrition to food production to biotech to biodiversity. And beyond!

As a community-platform, DTL will continue to help realise the infrastructure and capacity to implement FAIR data stewardship, bioinformatics, computational (systems) biology and AI and create a national Digital Competence Centre for Life Sciences and Health to support Dutch life sciences research and innovation in an international setting. The DTL partners bring Open Science to life, and show that its concepts are also highly valuable when data cannot just be openly shared due to reasons of privacy or private value!

Ruben kok – presenting

Below is the agenda of the previous PAC:


  1. [13.30h] Welcome, walk-in / PAC Exchange with coffee/tea & ….
  2. [14.00] PAC Opening – Peter Hilbers
    Report of the 14th meeting of the DTL Partner Advisory Committee (Annex 1)
  3. [14.05] Sharing expertise in digital life sciences: short DTL Partner pitches
    • What does it take to implement FAIR at a large research institution like TU Delft?
    Marta Teperek, Director of 4TU.ResearchData & Head of Research Data Services at
    TU Delft
    • Developing solutions for FAIR implementation
    Wouter Franke, Partner FAIR Solutions (tbc)
    • ARISE: Digital infrastructure for biodiversity research
    Elaine van Ommen Kloeke, Programme Manager ARISE at Naturalis
  4. [14.50] Digital innovations in food & nutrition research; towards a Food Systems RI?
    Edith Feskens, professor Global Nutrition at Wageningen University
    [15.10] Break
  5. [15.30] Removing obstacles for data reuse in health
    • Tieneke Schaaij, Lygature, programme manager Health-RI
  6. [15.50] Data sharing for AI
    • Frans van Etten, Programme Director AI at TNO and chair of the Data Sharing
    working group of the NL-AI Coalition
  7. [16.15] Prospects Digital Life Sciences & future scope and organisation of DTL
    Ruben Kok, Karel Luyben (Chair DTL Board)
    • PAC exchange
  8. [17.00] Closure & drinks

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