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The upcoming BioSB HotTopics session focuses on the highly interesting topic “Computational Immunology” and its application in immune responses of challenging diseases. We’ve invited a number of experts to speak about utilizing and advancing Computational Immunology. We invite you to participate in the discussions and express your opinion or your insights, thus promoting the idea of HotTopics.


Rob de Boer (Utrecht University): Modeling and Bioinformatics in Immunology
Shabaz Sultan (Radboudumc): Collective motility of immune cell crowdsFederica Eduati (Eindhoven University of Technology): Mechanistic understanding of the tumor using mathematical models
Maarten Slagter (Netherlands Cancer Institute): Mapping the reach of CD8+ T cell secreted signals using single cell sequencing

The meeting is a physical meeting at the Utrecht University in Utrecht. Address: Vondelzaal, Stratenum at Universiteitsweg 100, 3584 CG, Utrecht.
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Please register before 23 June 2022!
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Course: Constraint-based modeling4-8 July 2022, Wageningen
The constraint-based modeling course will be held on 4-8 July, 2022 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. We still have some seats available, register now!

Course overview:

Constraint-based modeling is a powerful modeling framework that allows to model reaction fluxes in genome-scale metabolic network models, with uses in fundamental and applied questions relevant to biotechnology, microbiology and biomedicine. These genome-scale metabolic models encompass all metabolic reactions encoded in an organism, possibly contextualized to a particular cell type and condition. Constraint-based modeling provides a scalable framework to analyze these large-scale models, whether they describe microbes, human cells in health and disease or multi-cellular systems like microbiota and the whole body.
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