Our mission

DTL’s mission is to establish an interconnected research infrastructure that enables cross-disciplinary life science research in national and international collaboration in a cost-effective manner.

Interconnected, meaning

  • make the available expertise and infrastructure findable and accessible;
  • align practices and improve quality with common guidelines and standards;
  • develop infrastructure that is currently missing or sub-optimal;
  • connect local infrastructure to international initiatives.

Research infrastructure, meaning facilities, resources, and services that scientists need to conduct their research, such as

  • technological facilities (i.e., high-end scientific instruments and the associated expertise, ICT, quality assurance procedures, guidelines, standards);
  • data infrastructure (i.e., facilities, tools, resources, expertise to process, analyse, preserve and share data, including databases and computing resources);
  • training and education of technical and data experts;
  • collections of biological materials (biobanks);
  • model systems;
  • facilities and services for scholarly communication (e.g., libraries, scientific journals).

Cross-disciplinary, meaning research in which methodology and data of multiple disciplines are combined in one project (e.g., genomics and health record data).


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