Compute resources for life science research Interest Group

In this joint DTL-SURF Interest Group, we bring together the expertise in building and providing a computational infrastructure for large-scale life science research data processing. 

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In this Interest Group, we discuss requirements, use cases, infrastructure solutions, and models to scale out compute resources between medical centers, research institutions, SURFsara, and even internationally. Models to scale-out include federation of compute resources and scaling out by virtualisation.

In life science research, compute resources are becoming increasingly important as data volumes that need to be processed from next-generation sequencing, medical imaging, and other instruments are growing steadily. Local resources are often not sufficient to provide compute resources for peak capacities. We thus need to look for solutions to scale out compute resources from local to national and international resources.

This group organises regular meetings for discussions, and sharing of expertise in building and using compute infrastructures for life science research. It relates to the NFU Data4Lifescience programme, workpackage 7 ‘harmonisation of HPC facilities’. The SURFspace digital platform facilitates the group by providing access to documentation, the agenda, SIG members and discussions. You can also start a discussion on the forum. The kick off of this Interest Group took place on 20 January 2015, please find the summary here.

This Interest Group is meant for (research) IT managers, ‘big data’ bioinformaticians, and scientific programmers. The core team consists of

  • Mark Santcroos, LUMC (chair)
  • Irene Nooren, SURFsara (SURF contactperson)
  • Jeroen Laros, LUMC
  • Pieter Neerincx, UMCG
  • Silvia Delgado Olabarriaga (AMC)
  • Christiaan Geertsma (VUmc)
  • Rob Hooft (DTL)

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