Data Stewards Interest Group


In June 2017 the Data Stewards Interest Group (DSIG) was initiated by members of Leiden UMC, UMC Utrecht, and DTL. Initially the DSIG met every other month and was chaired by Daphne van Beek. The distinctive feature of this DSIG in comparison to other initiatives regarding data stewardship is the hands-on and solution-oriented approach for practical matters.

In September 2018, with Jasmin Böhmer (UMC Utrecht) taking over the chairing position for the DSIG, the approach and collaboration design were revised. The new approach included monthly virtual meetings of the task groups and face to face meetings every two months as DSIG.

With the popularity of the DSIG growing and steady participation numbers, from 2020 onwards, there are six virtual meetings over the year. To allow variety and include the various local activities on data stewardship, each meeting is organised and chaired by another organisation. The DSIG is facilitated by Mijke Jetten (DTL/Health-RI).

An extra initiative are the topical/Special Interest Groups (SIG) that may result from the discussion in the DSIG meetings.


To establish a community hub for data stewardship that enables informal and inclusive knowledge and experience exchange.


  • Providing a platform for data stewards and like-minded in the Netherlands (and abroad) to share experiences.
  • Fostering the (Dutch) national implementation of data stewardship.
  • Joining efforts to produce hands-on solutions.

How to participate

The DSIG is open to everyone who is interested in data stewardship and is not limited to a specific academic discipline (nor to the Netherlands, but it is the Netherlands based).

  • You can sign up to the mailing list, or the slack community if you love to be actively involved. We use the slack community to actively share events, ask questions, and share experiences.
  • You can participate in person or virtually at the general DSIG meetings. The link will be provided in the agenda of each general DSIG meeting.
  • You can participate virtually in an existing topical/Special Interest Group (SIG), or suggest a topic for a new SIG.

Outputs of the DSIG

Currently, all outputs are openly accessible via our shared Google Drive folder. We are working on:

  • A list of useful tools for data stewardship
  • A list of relevant training opportunities for data stewards
  • Collection of stories and anecdotes for the promotion of good data stewardship
  • A comparison of the variety of job descriptions and tasks that are currently circulating

In the future, we are eager to produce a number of use cases, case studies, and overall showcases of the different practical duties of data stewards.

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