Meetings and conferences

Life science professionals face common technology and data challenges along the road from research question to sharable data. DTL organises meetings and conferences where professionals can exchange experiences and overcome the challenges together.

The meetings are usually initated by members of the DTL community and facilitated by the DTL core team, which arranges meetings rooms and takes care of the registration, announcements, and other communication involved. Please contact Femke Francissen if you have a suggestion for a new series of meetings or if you are interested in organising an event.

At present, the following meetings are organised on a regular basis:

  • DTL Focus Meetings: aimed at solving well-defined scientific or infrastructural issues,
  • DTL Programmers Meetings: bringing together scientific programmers from within the life sciences field,
  • Sector-specific project leader meetings: presentation of progress reports and plans lead to useful tips & tricks and new collaborations,
  • Bring your own data workshops (BYODs): workshops on making data FAIR,
  • Various conferences.