Programmers Meetings

From 2020 onwards DTL and SURF are joining forces with the Netherlands eScience Center and the NL-RSE community to organise programmers meetings as “NL-RSE Meetups”. This is a continuation from our meetings organised from 2014 to 2019 by DTL and SURF to encourage collaboration and communication between scientific programmers in the Dutch life sciences.

From 2020, the scope of the meetings has been widened to fit the needs of the broader NL-RSE community. This is in practice a confirmation of what was happening in any case: the technologies that have been discussed in the last years were no longer exclusively applicable in the life sciences. The meetings are now held under the name NL-RSE Meetups.  You can learn more about the meetups on the NL-RSE meetups page.

Meetings in 2019

Meetings in 2018

Meetings in 2017

pre 2017

For the history of these meetings 2014-2016, see: Older Programmers Meeting Documents

Until 2013, these meetings were organized by The NBIC BioAssist programme. See: BioAssist Programmers Meetings