The DTL Board represents all sectors and major types of DTL partner organisations. The role of the board is to ensure DTL achieves its long-term goals, takes the best scientific and strategic approach, develops the highest quality activities, and remains relevant for its stakeholders.

The DTL Board is also the board of the Stichting DTL. The board appoints members of the DTL Partner Advisory Committee and of the DTL Scientific Advisory Committee.

The DTL board currently consists of the following members:

Karel Luyben Prof. Ir. K. (Karel) Ch.A.M. Luyben (Rector magnificus emeritus TU-Delft; DTL Chair)
Ernst van den Ende Dr. Ir. J.E. (Ernst) van den Ende (Director Plant Sciences Group Wageningen UR)
Kees de Gooijer Dr. Ir. C.D. (Kees) de Gooijer (Chief Inspiration Officer Topsector TKI’s Agri&Food and Biobased Economy)
Prof. dr. C.H. (Chris) Polman – Amsterdam UMC – location VUmc, Dean Faculty of Medicine
Prof. dr. A.T. (Guus) Schreiber (Dean of the Faculty of Earth & Life Sciences and of the Faculty of Sciences at VU University Amsterdam)
 S. (Sietske) Zagers MSc (Managing Director at ttopstart)
Dr. M.M.A. (Maurien) Olsthoorn (Corporate Science Fellow Analysis & Characterization at DSM)
Prof. dr. A. (Anton) Pijpers Prof. dr. A. (Anton) Pijpers (President of the Executive Board of Utrecht University)