DTL Projects

Health-RI as the main organization, DTL-team focused on data driven life sciences

As of January 1, 2023, personnel and projects of DTL and DTL Projects Foundation (‘Stichting DTL Projects’ or ‘DTL Projects’) have been transferred to Health-RI, where they continue their work as a broad life sciences specialized team and program within this foundation. The broad domain of life sciences remains the centre of attention for the (DTL) Life Sciences team within Health-RI, aimed at connecting life sciences initiatives and public and private stakeholders focused on health, nutrition and agri-food, biotechnology and biodiversity. Embedded in the Health-RI organization the Life Sciences team focuses on strengthening data-driven life sciences, in close synergy with developments made in the field of data-driven health.

  • More information about established collaborative multi-party projects can be found on the new dedicated Health-RI Projects website.