Everyone in the Netherlands working in the very broad field of life sciences research and using data-intensive analytical technologies is a potential member of the DTL community. The DTL community spans a wide range of expertises and roles, including

  • technical experts linked to analytical technology platforms,
  • data experts and engineers specialized in for instance bioinformatics or systems biology,
  • researchers focusing on biological questions (microbial, animal, plant or human in origin), and
  • research managers, group leaders and board members working in industry, academia
  • policy makers in government bodies or science funding organisations

The variety in research topics and expertises of the DTL community members enables and stimulates cross-discipline interactions both within a partner institution and at the national level. Together, we work to establish multidisciplinary clusters of expertise: the DTL ‘nodes’. Such DTL nodes allow easy access to local expertise and facilities, but also to other DTL nodes elsewhere in the Netherlands. Close interaction between the DTL nodes will results in a ‘ring’ of high-end expertise clusters that will benefit all involved. It ensures a continuously developing body of knowledge, skills and facilities that creates opportunities that can only be realised when we join forces.–>

DTL is organised as a public-private partnership (the DTL alliance), facilitated by the ‘Stichting DTL’. DTL is open to universities, university medical centres, universities of applied science (‘HBO’), research institutes, and companies.