New National Roadmap 2021 presented

On September 8, 2021 Minister van Engelshoven (Education, Culture, Science) received the new National Roadmap for Large-Scale Infrastructure 2021. In the new Roadmap nine groups present their proposals for investments in a large-scale research infrastructure for the next 10 years. In the domain Life and Health sciences four groups have been identified: green life sciences, life sciences & enabling technology,… Continue reading

Germany and the Netherlands call for action on European Open Science Cloud

During yesterday’s Competitiveness Council meeting in Brussels, State Secretaries Georg Schütte (Germany) and Sander Dekker (the Netherlands) presented their position paper on the European Open Science Cloud. They indicated that the time for action is now, and proposed to support the GO FAIR initiative. More information Press release on joint position paper Joint position paper on the European Open Science Cloud… Continue reading

FAIR Data team will conduct FAIR Data hackathon at BIO-IT world

This year Bio-IT World (23-25 May 2017, Boston) will host its first hackathon. The hackathon will focus on FAIR Data, data that are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. One of the organizers, Belgian company Ontoforce, has reached out to the FAIR Data team to deliver the content for the three-day hands-on session. Erik Schultes (CSO FAIR Data) will lead the hackathon… Continue reading

Personal Health Train workshop: a report

On 10 November 2016, the people behind the Personal Health Train (PHT) (André Dekker of Maastro Clinic and Peter-Bram ’t Hoen of LUMC) and PRANA-Data (Wessel Kraaij of TNO) organised a workshop in Utrecht. PRANA-Data is a COMMIT project. The PHT initiative aims to increase the use of existing biomedical data for research into personalised health and medicine. During the day, over 30 people discussed technical solutions… Continue reading

BYOD on Wikipathways, Nanopublications and Rett Syndrome, 1- 3 November 2016, Maastricht

On 1-3 November 2016 Maastricht University will organize a BYOD on WikiPathways, nanopublications and the Rett Syndrome. The BYOD is part of the rare disease use case of ELIXIR-EXCELERATE, and supported by ELIXIR-NL. The Rett Syndrome is a rare disease actively being studied at Maastricht University. This research combines experimental research and bioinformatics. In this research, nanopublications have a lot… Continue reading

Topsector LSH funds FAIR-dICT project to tackle challenges in data driven science & innovation

DTL-Data Projects was awarded funding from Topsector Life Sciences & Health to address scientific and technical hurdles on the path towards optimal use of scientific data for personalised health, disease prevention and care. Scientific data are typically scattered, hard to locate, with often unclear accessibility conditions. They are  frequently not interoperable and can thus not be utilised by researchers outside… Continue reading

Vision on Open Science

DTL supports Open Science: an umbrella term for a technology and data driven systemic change in how researchers work, collaborate, share ideas, disseminate and reuse results, by adopting the core values that knowledge should be reusable, modifiable and redistributable. One fundamental requirement for Open Science is that all research data  and the associated tools and services should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (i.e. FAIR).  However, securing the ‘technicalities’… Continue reading

The FAIR Principles herald more open, transparent, and reusable scientific data

Today, March 15 2016, the FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship were formally published in the Nature Publishing Group journal Scientific Data. The problem the FAIR Principles address is the lack of widely shared, clearly articulated, and broadly applicable best practices around the publication of scientific data. While the history of scholarly publication in journals is long… Continue reading

Vision 2025: large connected infrastructure for NL health research

Together, BBMRI-NL, EATRIS-NL and DTL/ELIXIR-NL worked out a vision and roadmap to create an infrastructure for research into medicine and health in the coming decade. We propose to bundle a wide range of distributed resources (biobanks, facilities, data collections) in a common large-scale infrastructure: Health-RI. A linked (FAIR) data network will serve as a strong binding element and physical backbone… Continue reading

Elsevier’s Publishing Campus: training platform for researchers

Since April 2015 DTL partner Elsevier offers a free and open online training platform for all researchers or training partners in academia: the Elsevier Publishing Campus. The Campus supports researchers at the start of their academic career right through becoming a journal editor / teacher themselves.  Offering downloas such as ‘Get noticed. Promoting your article for maximum impact’ or online… Continue reading