DTL Data setup and approach published in F1000 Research

Lars Eijssen (Maastricht University), Rob Hooft (DTL and the Netherlands eScience Center) and colleagues just published a paper in the journal F1000 Research entitled Enabling data-intensive life science research in the Netherlands. The paper describes the organisation of the DTL Data programme and the DTL approach towards life science data stewardship and analysis. Lars was invited to publish this paper… Continue reading

Safe data archival: UMCU researchers can now use a shared facility

Researchers at DTL’s partner UMC Utrecht can now profit from a shared resource for safely archiving large quantities of data. The shared storage infrastructure makes it easier for researchers to satisfy all modern requirements for long term archival of digital information, without the hassle of actually dealing with the details. Bulk storage solutions increase the productivity of life science and bioinformatics… Continue reading

All parties have signed: the ODEX4all project gets off to a flying start

Ten private partners and six academic partners recently signed the project agreement for ODEX4all: the open discovery and exchange of (big) data in the life sciences project. Odex4all is co-funded by the Dutch research council (NWO) and the Netherlands eScience Center. The project will contribute to the interoperability theme of DTL Data and is closely linked to the FAIRPORT initiative, by ensuring that all data… Continue reading

TNO study ADMIT first human study published via PLOS One accepted Phenotype database

DTL’s partner TNO has been involved in several multi-omics studies and is data manager of several (European) projects, such as the ADMIT study on the assessment of the dietary modulation of inflammatory tone. In this study TNO combines proteomics and metabolomics data with clinical parameters. The Phenotype database was developed for combined data analysis and data storage, and was recently… Continue reading

Human Protein Atlas published in Science

In a paper published today in Science, a global consortium led by Mathias Uhlén (Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology) presents the latest edition of the Human Protein Atlas (HPA). The resource now contains data on roughly 17,000 proteins in 44 human tissues and organs, including over 13 million immunohistochemistry images annotated by pathologists. HPA includes RDF data in this release, a significant move towards FAIR Data. The initial steps of “FAIRification”… Continue reading

TNO leads European nutritional data sharing project ENPADASI

DTL’s partner TNO is coordinator of the European Nutritional Phenotype Assessment and Data Sharing Initiative (ENPADASI), a project that officially started its work programme in December 2014. The main objective of ENPADASI is to deliver an open access research infrastructure (DaShiN) that will open data of most European nutritional studies. The data will adhere to the FAIR data concept that… Continue reading

Registration open for ELIXIR Innovation and SME forum

ELIXIR HUB en ELIXIR NL invite industry stakeholders to register for the ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum Data-driven innovation in the agri-food industries. The forum (18-19 March 2015, Wageningen, the Netherlands)  is aimed at agri-food companies that use public bioinformatics resources in their business and would like to further streamline this process. The event is jointly organised by ELIXIR-NL and the ELIXIR… Continue reading

Roeland van Ham appointed professor TU Delft

DTL’s partner TU Delft can add a new name to its list of professorships: Keygene’s Roeland van Ham recently became a part-time professor computational biology at the technical university. With this special chair TU Delft’s Data science initiative and Keygene aim to change the field in plant genomics research. Since KeyGene is a pioneering company in plant research using a.o.… Continue reading

Now open: call for proposals in the ZonMw/NWO Enabling Technologies Hotels programme

DTL and ZonMw/NWO announce that a second call of the ZonMw programme Enabling Technologies Hotels is now open until January 15, 2015. This programme aspires to give researchers in public-private partnerships (the ‘guests’) access to high-end infrastructures within public research organisations (the ‘technology hotels’). The first call in 2013 resulted in 99 project proposals, of which 35 have been granted. “Technology… Continue reading

Five year programme ELIXIR published

ELIXIR’s scientific and technical Programme for 2014 – 2018 has now been published. The programme sets out the focus of activities that ELIXIR partners will carry out over the current five-year period. It was developed by over 100 scientists from across ELIXIR partner organisations. DTL, the Dutch Node of ELIXIR, will be involved in the data interoperability, training, and e-infrastructure programmes of work.