ELIXIR partners with DTL and BioSB in organising ECCB2016

ELIXIR becomes the co-organising sponsor of the 15th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), to take place on 3-7 September 2016 in The Hague. As part of the ECCB2016-ELIXIR partnership, the programme of the conference will feature a dedicated track to showcase ELIXIR activities and services. “We are delighted to have ELIXIR as a strong partner”, says Jaap Heringa, chair… Continue reading

DTL Interest Group on Next Generation Sequencing

DTL recently started a Next Generation Sequencing Interest Group, bringing together researchers and bioinformaticians that work with NGS data. The main aim of the NGS Interest Group is to share best practices and foster future collaborations. Since NGS technology is being applied in several sectors, ranging from human medicine to plant genomics, the Interest group covers a wide range of topics… Continue reading

The FAIRDOMHub Systems Biology Commons is Open!

FAIRDOMHub is a centrally hosted repository for managing and sharing systems biology research. It enables independent researchers, projects and programmes to manage or publish datasets, link them together, interlink them with mathematical models, and share them in the context of the protocols that produced them and the publications that describe them. FAIRDOM therefore provides a collaboration environment for researchers and an… Continue reading

PRANA-DATA approved in COMMIT to COMMIT2DATA ‘Swallow’-Call

The COMMIT Public Private ICT Research Community has issued a call for Swallow projects. These projects are intended to enable technology transfer from the current, almost finished COMMIT/Programme to the new public-private COMMIT2DATA programme (ICT-Topsector programming 2016-2019). The Personal Health Train team co-authored the Privacy Respecting ANAlysis of Distributed patient health DATA (PRANA-DATA) project. This project with TNO (lead), Radboud… Continue reading

FAIR Data Points as EUDAT services

DTL will participate in a pilot project to evaluate FAIR Data Points as new EUDAT services helping data owners to make their datasets available in a FAIR way. A FAIR Data Point (FDP) is software that allows: data owners to expose datasets in a FAIR manner data users to discover information (meta-data) about the offered datasets  and, if license conditions allow,… Continue reading

Natal van Riel appointed as professor Computational Modelling at UvA

Natal van Riel has been appointed as professor of Computational Modelling at DTL partner University of Amsterdam‘s Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA). Van Riel’s career is a prime example of the increasingly blurred boundaries between the traditional scientific disciplines. After studying Electrical Engineering he specialised in systems biology, where his knowledge of control systems and (electrical) networks proved highly useful. Van Riel… Continue reading

NWO Groen grants for Wageningen UR’s Bioinformatics department

Last December Wageningen UR‘s Bioinformatics department announced that NWO Groen granted two of their applications. The projects “Harnessing the soil microbiome for improved stress tolerance in crop plants” (Marnix Medema) and “Exploitation of Copy Number Variation for rapid improvement of abiotic stress tolerance in crops” (Mark Aarts, co-applicant Dick de Ridder) will receive funding.

ELIXIR launches publication channel on F1000 research

Last week ELIXIR announced the launch of the ELIXIR F1000Research Gateway to publish its research and technical outputs. The ELIXIR Gateway is a collaboration between ELIXIR and the F1000 Research open science publication platform, please see the Editorial. The ELIXIR Gateway on F1000Research comprises two separate channels – one for publishing ELIXIR’s research and strategy articles, and another for other… Continue reading

Distributed Radiomics project approved in STW Perspectief call

Radiomics is an image mining approach where vast amounts of features are extracted from medical images and correlated with biology and clinical outcome features (animation on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq980GEVP0Y). A STW Perspectief programme has been awarded to a consortium of public and private partners to develop the Radiomics approach further. The Personal Health Train team will lead the STW “Distributed Radiomics” project where a… Continue reading

Successful previous three rounds result in a continuation of the Enabling technologies hotel programme

Good news for all our Technology Hotels! We are pleased to inform you that the Enabling Technologies Hotels programme will be continued in 2016/2017. ZonMw and NWO Earth and Life Sciences (ALW) are providing funds for the continuation, which is supported by the Top Sectors Agri&Food, Horticulture & Starting Materials and Life Sciences & Health. The Technology Hotel concept enables… Continue reading