Second get together of private and public partners at Odex4all all hands meeting

On September 28, 2015, 40 representatives of Odex4all’s private and public partners came together to discuss the project’s progress, both from a technical and a scientific perspective. Odex4all is co-funded by the Dutch research council (NWO) and the Netherlands eScience Center and contributes to the interoperability theme of DTL Data. The project is closely linked to the FAIRPORT initiative in terms of ensuring that all data published in the scope… Continue reading

Marco Roos presents webinar on ELIXIR’s Rare disease Pilot

On October 21, 2015, ELIXIR-NL’s Marco Roos presented an update about the pilot action launched in 2015; Rare disease test case for ELIXIR interoperability backbone. The goal of the pilot is to create a federated infrastructure that would enable access to different rare disease repositories across Europe. The webinar is part of the ELIXIR webinar series, you can watch Marco’s presentation here.

Input requested for inventory of Dutch antibiotics research

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is concerned about the global rise of antibiotic resistance. Therefore, the Ministry, together with Top Sectors Life Sciences & Health, Chemistry and Agri & Food, strives for increased collaboration between Dutch research institutes, companies and other organisations involved in the development of antibiotics, or alternatives for these. The aim is to further improve… Continue reading

NWO announces matchmaking event and ‘Building blocks of life’ research programme

On November 17 2015 NWO will organise a matchmaking event in the ‘Oude Magazijn’ in Amersfoort. The event is part of NWO’s new research programme ‘Building blocks of life’, launched to address a number of urgent scientific and social challenges at the interface of physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and systems analysis. The goal of the ‘Building blocks for life’… Continue reading

Health~Holland launches online portal, a gateway to the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector

Health~Holland, the brand name and communication channel of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, recently launched a portal on This online gateway serves as the central information hub for life sciences and health SMEs and other organisations in the Netherlands and internationally . The portal’s content focuses on the Top Sector’s priorities, including finance, public-private partnerships, crossovers and… Continue reading

Kick off ELIXIR-EXCELERATE WP5 Interoperability platform

On October 1st 2015, the first meeting of the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Interoperability platform was held in Amsterdam. About 50 people (including Technical WP6 partners for CORBEL ) attended in person, 7 remotely, representing 12 nodes. A collection of lightning talks, best practice presentations and breakout sessions were the ingredients of an active day of contructive discussions on tasks and activities among the participants… Continue reading

DTL attractive for SME industry partners

The DTL partnership continues to grow rapidly, as more and more organisations realise they share similar challenges in employing high-end technologies and dealing with their life science research data. While the majority of Dutch academic parties have meanwhile joined the DTL network, DTL now also starts to attract life science and technology SME’s. In the last couple of months, six… Continue reading

Urgent plea for big biology software development

Several authors from DTL partners UMC Utrecht (Pjotr Prins, Edwin Cuppen) and UMCG (Ritsert Jansen), together with a.o. Phil Bourne (NIH) wrote an urgent plea in Nature Biotechnology for effective big biology software development. The authors stress the importance of acknowledging that software development is an integral part of research and not just an underpinning method. Projects and universities need to promote… Continue reading

GENALICE announces affordable large-scale DNA variation studies for every NGS researcher

Last week DTL Partner GENALICE announced the global launch date of Population Calling, a new analysis module and part of their GENALICE MAP Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Suite. In a LIVE webinar event scheduled on October 8, the company will reveal the unique capabilities to improve individual patient results and discover disease specific DNA changes at significantly reduced cost… Continue reading

Kickoff EXCELERATE Training platform & first Training workshop

On Sept 14-15 2015 ELIXIR Slovenia hosted the kickoff meeting of the Training Platform of ELIXIR-EXCELERATE, directly followed by the first EXCELERATE Training workshop (15-17 September 2015), jointly organised by ELIXIR and GOBLET. ELIXIR-NL co-leads the ELIXIR Training platform. ELIXIR’s training strategy will upskill researchers to more effectively exploit the data, tools, standards and compute services provided by ELIXIR, thereby facilitating access to Europe’s… Continue reading