General enrollment information

Through the year BioSB organises a number of courses. On this page you will find more information about the registration/enrollment procedure for the courses.

Course fees

Early bird fees, valid until 8 weeks before the start of a course, are set at respectively 400, 600 and 900 euros (excluding 21% VAT) for a five-day course for PhD students (and MSc students), academics (PIs and postdocs) and industrial attendees.

Regular fees (when registering less than 8 weeks before the start of a course) are set at respectively 480, 720 and 1080 euros (excluding 21% VAT) for a five-day course for PhD students (and MSc students), academics (PIs and postdocs) and industrial attendees.

Free wildcard registrations can be effected in consultation with the BioSB community manager no later than 6 weeks prior to the start of the course. Regulations regarding wildcards are shown on this page.

Registration & payment

  • You can register for a BioSB course by filling out the registration form mentioned on the respective course page. The form includes an evaluation of your experience in the subject of the course which will be shared with the course coordinator.
  • Payment for the course has to be done online (via iDeal, credit card or PayPal), via the registration form. You will receive an initial confirmation of your registration by email. Please note that a course can still be canceled or rescheduled when the number of registrations is too low (see below).
  • You can pre-register for a course of which the date has not been determined yet. After pre-registration you will be informed with priority about the date of the course and when registration opens.

Cancellation procedure

  • The minimum number of participants for a course is 10. The course will be cancelled or rescheduled when the number of registrations is lower than 10.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling of a course will be announced at least 6 weeks before the start of a course.  In specific, this means that registrants are advised to not make any travel arrangements or hotel bookings (unless these can be cancelled without additional fees) more than 6 weeks prior to the course. In case of cancellation BioSB will only refund the registration fee and not costs made for hotel or travel arrangements.
  • The course coordinator will contact you in case he or she thinks you should reconsider your participation in the course, based on your experience (asked for in registration form). If together you decide it’s better that you don’t participate, your registration will be canceled and you will receive a refund of the full registration fee.
  • If for other reasons you decide not to participate in the course, you will receive a refund of the registration fee if you notify the course organisation by email at least 28 days before the start of the course. No-shows or cancellations made at a later moment are not eligible for a refund. However, after notification of the course organisation somebody else may attend a course as your replacement.

General information

  • If you would like to integrate BioSB courses in your personal PhD programme, you should contact your research institute for approval. (To avoid students having to apply for approval for each individual course, BioSB is in the process of contacting relevant research and graduate schools on the possibilities for integrating the BioSB courses in their education programme.)
  • If needed for PhD graduate programs, ECTS can be given. The number of EC granted will be discussed and announced per course (in general: 1.5 EC for following a course for a week, 3 EC with a final assignment). This will be marked on the course certificate that you will receive after completing the course and will be clearly stated on the course page.
  • Several BioSB courses are also open for MSc students. MSc students need a recommendation by their supervisor and can only participate if there are enough seats available in the course. Regular registrations by PhD students and other researchers will have priority over registrations of MSc students.