SIB opens call for international SIB Awards 2015

The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics announces three SIB Awards 2015, two of which are open for the international bioinformatics community. SIB International Young Bioinformatician Award 2015 This award recognizes the excellent and promising young career of a scientist, or a project he/she has carried out, or a paper he/she has published in the field of bioinformatics or computational biology. The award… Continue reading

STW-Breed4Food Partnership programme

Together with Breed4Food, the Technology foundation STW launches the ambitious Breed4Food Partnership programme: ‘Predicting phenotypes of livestock’. The Breed4Food Partnership focusses on the development of novel genetic and genomic tools through innovative science, beneficial to the breeding, production and consumption of animal proteins with a strong commitment to responsible stewardship of animal resources. For this program a budget of €… Continue reading

New call on ‘Innovative Systems Toxicology for Alternatives to Animal Testing’

ZonMw, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Projektträger Jülich together are launching a new call on ‘Innovative Systems Toxicology for Alternatives to Animal Testing’, in short InnoSysTox. In the Netherlands this joint call is part of the ZonMw More Knowledge with Fewer Animals programme (MKMD). Aim of the joint call Development of innovative systems-biology-based 3R methods in… Continue reading