ZonMw’s COVID19 research program online

The Dutch funder organisation ZonMW has fast-track calls for COVID19 funding. If you haven’t visited their website to see if your research is eligible for funding please do so. The (2nd) ZonMW program has 3 focus areas: Predictive diagnostics & treatment Care and prevention Societal dynamics More info can be found here.

Join the online Biohackathon April 5-11th #covid_19_bh20

Goals of the online Biohackathon April 5-11th 2020 are readily accessible data, protocols, detection kits, protein predictions etc. Anybody can contribute- no prior experience with (Bio)Hackathons is required. Working groups include FAIR data, workflows and pipelines, pangenomes and variation graphs, machine learning, text mining and visualisations. More information can be found here.

Urgent COVID-19 data hurdles and how to tackle them

This page will be updated regularly During the COVID-19 pandemic researchers are working around the clock to make vaccines, advance medical treatment and protocols for the sick. We are in an unprecedented situation where the whole world has to deal with this pandemic. In previous weeks we have seen the real strength of data sharing. However, there are still lots… Continue reading