Join the Personal Health Train initiative

A growing consortium of university medical centers, research organisations and private partners is developing a public private partnership with the aim to develop and run the so-called ‘Personal Health Train (PHT)’. The PHT aims for increased utilisation of existing biomedical data for research into personalized health, preventive and tailored medicine and value-based health care. This movie is a short introduction… Continue reading

Kick off ELIXIR-EXCELERATE crop and forest plants use case

On 1-2 October 2015 the crop and forest plants use case (WP7) of ELIXIR-EXCELERATE held their kick-off meeting in Hinxton. Collaborators involved in this use case will work closely with the plant and crop research communities to establish standards and services for the open sharing of genotypic and phenotypic data. The priority for WP7 over the coming six months will… Continue reading

Second get together of private and public partners at Odex4all all hands meeting

On September 28, 2015, 40 representatives of Odex4all’s private and public partners came together to discuss the project’s progress, both from a technical and a scientific perspective. Odex4all is co-funded by the Dutch research council (NWO) and the Netherlands eScience Center and contributes to the interoperability theme of DTL Data. The project is closely linked to the FAIRPORT initiative in terms of ensuring that all data published in the scope… Continue reading

Kick off ELIXIR-EXCELERATE WP5 Interoperability platform

On October 1st 2015, the first meeting of the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Interoperability platform was held in Amsterdam. About 50 people (including Technical WP6 partners for CORBEL ) attended in person, 7 remotely, representing 12 nodes. A collection of lightning talks, best practice presentations and breakout sessions were the ingredients of an active day of contructive discussions on tasks and activities among the participants… Continue reading

ELIXIR-NL represented at ELIXIR UK’s “ISA as a FAIR research object” event

From July 20 until July 22 a small group of selected experts met at Oxford University (UK) to revise the specifications of the de facto standard for capturing information about biomedical research in a structured and computer-supported way. The meeting was part of the ELIXIR UK Node activities and with the participation of members of the ISA user community, ELIXIR,  EBI and NL Nodes, FAIRDOM, RO, and Nanopublications groups. The ‘investigation,… Continue reading

DTL participates in NFU Data4lifesciences programme

Earlier this year, the university medical centres (UMCs) opted for a joint approach to set up a high quality research data infrastructure; Data4lifesciences. Under the coordination of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), DTL collaborates with national programmes such as CTMM-TraiT, BBMRI-NL, Parelsnoer, AcZie, Mondriaan and SURF to work towards the implementation of a shared research data infrastructure for biomedical… Continue reading

PhenoMeNal project to build an e-infrastructure for clinical metabolomics data

On September 9th 2015 the Horizon2020 e-Infrastructure project PhenoMenal was launched, a project to create an e-infrastructure to analyse metabolomic data from clinical and population studies. The project is led by EMBL-EBI, involving 13 international partners, including DTL partner Leiden University. PhenoMeNal is funded with €8 million from the EU’s Horizon2020 programme to bring state-of-the art methods for understanding the molecular drivers of health,… Continue reading

Webinar on FAIR data & BYODs

On 19 August 2015 Luiz Olavo Bonino presented an introduction to the Bring Your Own Data concept and FAIR data stewardship. The webinar is part of the ELIXIR webinar series.

ELIXIR webinar on BYODs & FAIR data stewardship

On 19 August 2015 Luiz Olavo Bonino (DTL’s Expert group leader FAIR data stewardship) presented an webinar about the Bring Your Own Data concept and FAIR Data stewardship. The webinar is part of the ELIXIR webinar series. You can watch his presentation here.

ELIXIR-NL involved in GA4GH-ELIXIR ‘Beacon’ collaboration

ELIXIR has partnered with the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) to provide data-discovery services for genomics that balance efficient data sharing and data protection.The new collaboration, called “Beacon”, will kick off in September 2015. Its goal is to provide consent-based access to genomic data in the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA, a joint project of EMBL-EBI and the CRG in… Continue reading