Bring Your Own Rett Syndrome Data workshop: a summary

The ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project collaborates with the Maastricht Rett Expertise Centre to improve data availability for rare diseases like Rett Syndrome. On 1-3 November 2016, a three day Bring Your Own Rett Syndrome Data workshop was held at Maastricht University. The summary below was written by Friederike Ehrhart of Maastricht University. The workshop’s aim was to produce FAIR nanopublications. FAIR is an internationally adopted… Continue reading

Workshop to link rare disease registries: a report

The third Bring Your Own Data workshop (BYOD) for rare disease registries in Rome (29-30 September 2016) brought more registries with more data than ever before. Participants responded positively to learning about making registries Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable for humans and computers (FAIR) at the source. A proof-of-concept query across resources was shown for every break-out group, and a… Continue reading

Software solution provider BYOD

On 25-27 October 2016, we organised another ‘Bring Your Own Data workshop’ (BYOD) in Leiden, the Netherlands. This time, we focused on software that is used to collect information about patients and their diseases. The BYOD brought together software solution providers, linked data experts, and rare disease experts to work on making the software produce data that is findable, accessible, interoperable,… Continue reading

Successful hackathon to make MOLGENIS FAIR

In addition to Bring Your Own Data workshops (which focus on making research data FAIR), DTL regularly organises so-called ‘FAIR data hackathons‘. These events aim to make research tools FAIR. On 19 and 20 October 2016, a FAIR data hackathon was organised for the MOLGENIS system. The MOLGENIS system consists of several software tools for scientific data management, including the MOLGENIS/connect tool, which… Continue reading

LERU summer school: the movie

From 10 to 15 July 2016, LERU, Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center organised the 7th LERU Doctoral Summer School. DTL supported the event. The summer school’s theme was ‘Data Stewardship for Scientific Discovery and Innovation’ and was received with enormous enthusiasm. The organisers have now prepared a video with an impression of the summer school. Proper data stewardship is swiftly… Continue reading

FAIR data workshop for DTL partners

On 3-4 November 2016, DTL will organise a workshop entitled ‘FAIR Data Stewardship for Discovery and Innovation’ for its partners. Registration is open.   Good data stewardship is rapidly becoming an essential part of modern science. To facilitate good data stewardship and to promote open science, a broad community of international stakeholders have developed FAIR principles, that ensure data are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.… Continue reading

BYOD on Wikipathways, Nanopublications and Rett Syndrome, 1- 3 November 2016, Maastricht

On 1-3 November 2016 Maastricht University will organize a BYOD on WikiPathways, nanopublications and the Rett Syndrome. The BYOD is part of the rare disease use case of ELIXIR-EXCELERATE, and supported by ELIXIR-NL. The Rett Syndrome is a rare disease actively being studied at Maastricht University. This research combines experimental research and bioinformatics. In this research, nanopublications have a lot… Continue reading

G20 endorse the FAIR principles

The European Commission has sent out a press release which states that the G20 ‘support appropriate efforts to promote open science and facilitate appropriate access to publicly funded research results on findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) principles.‘ The G20 leaders met in Hangzhou (China) on 4-5 September 2016. As the premier forum for international economic cooperation, the G20 agreed… Continue reading

What you need to know about Data Stewardship and Future European Research Funding: ECCB 2016 Workshop

On Saturday 3 September 2016, Erik Schultes (DTL), Marco Roos (LUMC), Mark Thompson (LUMC), Mark Wilkinson (UPM), and Luiz Bonino (DTL, VU) will organise a workshop about FAIR Data stewardship. The workshop is part of the pre-programme of the 15th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB 2016).  A broad community of stakeholders recently described a set of guiding principles to… Continue reading