STW-Breed4Food Partnership programme

Together with Breed4Food, the Technology foundation STW launches the ambitious Breed4Food Partnership programme: ‘Predicting phenotypes of livestock’. The Breed4Food Partnership focusses on the development of novel genetic and genomic tools through innovative science, beneficial to the breeding, production and consumption of animal proteins with a strong commitment to responsible stewardship of animal resources. For this program a budget of €… Continue reading

DTL and NMC sign cooperation agreement

The Netherlands Metabolomics Centre (NMC) and the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. There ia a great deal of synergy between the organisations, since they are both active in the field of data (pre)processing, development and implementation of international standards, modelling and data-integration. Rob Hamer, director of Unilever Research Vlaardingen and chairman of… Continue reading

Netherlands Metabolomics Centre continues!

Unilever, DSM, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, TNO, Plant Sciences Group Wageningen and Leiden University have taken the initiative to set up a Metabolomics foundation. “They are convinced of the importance to have an organised metabolomics community in the Netherlands”, Merlijn van Rijswijk explains. “During the last 5 years we have built a strong network of research groups, that has a strong reputation… Continue reading

Norvig Web Data Science Award 2014

SURFsara and Common Crawl wish to give everybody the possibility to analyze open web data. Because of this they are hosting the second edition of the Norvig Web Data Science Award, a challenge to all researchers and students in the Benelux. Free access is provided to the SURFsara Hadoop cluster with a copy of the full Common Crawl web crawl… Continue reading

DTL Galaxy toolshed featured in Galaxy newsletter

Together with a Galaxy server (historically available as, DTL is hosting a so-called toolshed, a sort of app-store for bioinformatics tools in Galaxy. Many groups world wide are now running their own Galaxy servers, but fewer have an associated tool shed to showcase their self developed tools. The DTL Galaxy toolshed with the nationally developed tools is getting world-wide exposure… Continue reading

CGtag: complete genomics toolkit and annotation in a cloud-based Galaxy

A paper entitled “CGtag: complete genomics toolkit and annotation in a cloud-based Galaxy” was published in Giga Science Journal. This work is funded by the CTMM-TraIT project. The author team consists of members from Erasmus Medical Center, Netherlands Bioinformatics Center, and Netherlands Institute of Ecology. The research infrastructure is largely based on the NBIC Galaxy server and is supported by… Continue reading

Workshop “Galaxy and Cloud solutions”

DTL and the Virtual Lab of Plant Breeding (VLPB) consortium successfully co-organised the workshop “Galaxy and Cloud Solutions”. The rationale of organising this workshop is that many companies are facing a tsunami of big data sets and organize themselves in consortia, such as VLPB and Breed4Food, to develop bioinformatics solutions to analyze this data.The aim of this one-day course was… Continue reading

The next generation of life sciences starts in the Netherlands

On the 23d of October 2013 DTL organised a workshop on Next Generation Life Science (NGLS) at the ‘In de Driehoek’ conference centre in Utrecht. Over 70 people representing research groups from various life science sectors participated in a lively meeting, with interesting lectures and break-out discussion sessions.  Lectures were given by Alain van Gool (RU), Robert Hall (WUR), Bas… Continue reading

NBIC: First official meeting GOBLET

November 6th was the first official AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training (GOBLET). Following a nomination process that started in September and a voting process throughout October, the first point on the agenda was to announce the results of the committee elections. From the Netherlands Celia van Gelder (Radboud umc, NBIC) has… Continue reading