ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications) Servicedesk officially launched

On 9 July 2018, the ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications) Servicedesk of Health-RI was officially launched. This online servicedesk offers guidance and answers to the ethical, legal, and societal questions around personalised medicine research faced by life sciences professionals, policymakers, and patients. Go to the ELSI Servicedesk website. Personalised medicine is strongly emerging. Treatments are more focused on the… Continue reading

Research infrastructure is key component of Dutch Research Roadmaps for health

‘Now is the time to invest heavily in order to solve the major societal challenges related to health’. That is the key message of three Research Roadmaps that Ernst Kuipers (Chair of the NFU) handed over to Ingrid van Engelshoven (Minister of Education, Culture, and Science) and Paul Blokhuis (State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport) on 22 March 2018. Health-RI features prominently in… Continue reading

Onderzoek Nederland: ‘Health-RI certainly yields a profit’

‘Onderzoek Nederland’, a biweekly newsletter on scientific research and technological innovation, has published an interview with Gerrit Meijer, co-chair of the Health-RI steering committee. In the interview, Meijer explains why Health-RI is needed to improve the data infrastructure for health research and what is needed from our government and other stakeholders. “Many biomedical research results do not make it to… Continue reading

Conference Report Health-RI 2017: from plans to action

On 8 December 2017, the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht hosted the third Health-RI conference. Health-RI co-chair Ronald Stolk (UMCG, RUG): “There were more than 350 registrations, so the number of participants has increased substantially compared to last year. This reflects the timeliness of the initiative. In contrast to the previous two conferences, where we mainly sketched our plans, we were now… Continue reading

Health-RI Business Plan released

Gerrit Meijer of the Netherlands Cancer Institute has presented the Health-RI business plan at the Health-RI conference on 8 December. The business plan is an ambitious yet realistic plan to assemble all stakeholders and create a sustainable infrastructure that will facilitate world-class personalised medicine & health research in the Netherlands. It will build on existing infrastructures and attract new partners.… Continue reading

Imaging data as a biomarker resource at Health-RI 2017

At the Health-RI conference on 8 December 2017 in Utrecht, Hugo Aerts (Harvard Medical School) and Meike Venooij (Erasmus MC) will discuss the use of imaging data as a biomarker in prevention and personalised medicine. They will address developments in dementia research and oncology. Register for Health-RI 2017. View the conference programme. Quantitative image analysis approaches, including the extraction of quantitative imaging biomarkers, and the use… Continue reading

Multi-omics in biomarker discovery at Health-RI 2017

At the Health-RI conference on 8 December 2017 in Utrecht, Eline Slagboom (LUMC) and Lodewyk Wessels (NKI) will discuss the role of multi-omics in biomarker discovery. Register for Health-RI 2017. View the conference programme. Technological advances in the field of genomics have enabled researchers to map susceptibility loci for rare and common traits and diseases. Quantitative omics data (transcriptome, metabolome, epigenome) and bioinformatic analyses have… Continue reading

Dirk-Jan van der Pol speaker at Health-RI 2017

Dirk-Jan van der Pol is an ICT consultant with over 18 years of experience in industry and healthcare. In 2003, he was diagnosed with cancer. At the Health-RI conference on 8 December 2017, Van der Pol will take the audience on his journey from ambitious consultant to insecure patient, to director of his own health(care), and finally to researcher on his own data. Register for… Continue reading

Science goes FAIR at Health-RI 2017

What does FAIR Data mean in practice? How can you make your data FAIR? What novel science becomes possible when research data become more FAIR? Luiz Bonino and Michel Dumontier will answer these pressing questions at the Health-RI conference on 8 December 2017 in Utrecht. Register for Health-RI 2017. View the conference programme. FAIR Data is rapidly becoming the new standard… Continue reading

The first Data4lifesciences symposium: a report

On 11 September 2017, the Centraal Museum in Utrecht hosted the very first Data4lifesciences symposium. D4LS Programme Manager Dr Jan-Willem Boiten: “This symposium was an important milestone for the programme; we presented an overview of our first results.” The NFU programme Data4lifesciences (D4LS) aims to realise an integrated research data infrastructure for biomedical research at the Dutch UMCs. DTL is actively involved… Continue reading