60 Projects get access to DTL Technology Hotels

In the Enabling Technologies Hotels (ETH) programme, life science researchers can apply for funding to get access to the high-end equipment and expertise of 130+ Technology Hotels that are listed on the DTL website. ZonMw has just announced which projects will be funded in the fourth call of the ETH programme. View the list of 60 awarded projects. Find a… Continue reading

Setting sight on single cells: technological developments in the field of single cell analysis

New technologies enable scientists to study molecules at a single cell level. The field of Immunology was the first to perform single cell studies and other fields are now rapidly following. Professor Frits Koning and Dr Ahmed Mahfouz of LUMC share the latest developments in this hot topic. Frits Koning is Professor of Immunology at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC).… Continue reading

ELIXIR to establish new Use Cases for proteomics, metabolomics, and Galaxy

ELIXIR Europe has announced that it will continue its four current Use Cases (Marine Metagenomics, Plant Sciences, Rare Diseases, and Human Data), and establish three new ones covering Proteomics, Metabolomics, and Galaxy. ELIXIR is the European research infrastructure for life sciences data. It brings together European resources such as databases, software tools, training materials, cloud storage, and supercomputers. DTL hosts the Dutch node of ELIXIR… Continue reading

The first Data4lifesciences symposium: a report

On 11 September 2017, the Centraal Museum in Utrecht hosted the very first Data4lifesciences symposium. D4LS Programme Manager Dr Jan-Willem Boiten: “This symposium was an important milestone for the programme; we presented an overview of our first results.” The NFU programme Data4lifesciences (D4LS) aims to realise an integrated research data infrastructure for biomedical research at the Dutch UMCs. DTL is actively involved… Continue reading

Watch the X-omics video

The Netherlands X-omics Initiative aims to radically improve technological approaches to study biomolecules. This will help researchers understand the fundamentals of life, which is crucial to unravel mechanisms of health and disease. Watch the video to learn more.

Looking back on the Single Cell Analysis BioSB HotTopics Meeting

On 21 September 2017, the BioSB HotTopics meeting on Single Cell Analysis took place at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). The meeting was organised by the Leiden Computational Biology Center and sponsored by the BioSB Research School, LUMC, and 10x Genomics. The meeting was attended by approximately 80 attendees and included four presentations covering different aspects of single cell data analysis: single… Continue reading

Successful ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum on food, nutrition, and microbiome

Microbiome, food, and nutrition datasets have rapidly expanded as a result of advances in DNA sequencing and the rise of shotgun metagenomics and metabolomics. To help companies access and take advantage of this wealth of data, ELIXIR organised a two-day ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum on 9-10 October in Brussels, Belgium. Hosted by ELIXIR Belgium, the event attracted 90 participants,… Continue reading

Bioinformatics in the Netherlands

The scientific journal Briefings in Bioinformatics recently published a paper about the history of Bioinformatics in the Netherlands. The authors are affiliated to DTL, ELIXIR-NL, and BioSB and they describe the process of building the Dutch Bioinformatics community since 2003: from NBIC to DTL, ELIXIR-NL, and BioSB. Read the paper.

Sneak preview Enabling Technologies Hotels Call response

The latest Enabling Technologies Hotels Call closed on 29 August 2017. Dr Sander Hougee, Programme Officer Life Sciences and Health at ZonMw, gives a sneak preview of the response to the call. Technology Hotels are expert groups that offer their high-end technologies and the associated expertise and infrastructure to researchers who do not have access to such facilities at their home institute. Life scientists can… Continue reading