GENALICE announces affordable large-scale DNA variation studies for every NGS researcher

Last week DTL Partner GENALICE announced the global launch date of Population Calling, a new analysis module and part of their GENALICE MAP Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Suite. In a LIVE webinar event scheduled on October 8, the company will reveal the unique capabilities to improve individual patient results and discover disease specific DNA changes at significantly reduced cost… Continue reading

UU’s Berend Snel will deliver inaugural lecture, preceded by symposium

On October 9 2015, Berend Snel of Utrecht University will deliver his inaugural lecture as professor Bioinformatics at Utrecht University. On the occasion of the inauguration, a symposium is organised with the title “Hidden stories in DNA: how bioinformatics tracks evolution and function”. There is no entrance fee for this symposium. Please register by sending an email to Jolien van Hooff (… Continue reading

Genalice Map selected by KeyGene as primary NGS data analysis tool

On July 16th 2015, GenomeWeb published an article about Map, a read alignment & variant calling tool of DTL’s Partner Genalice. KeyGene selected this tool as the primary next-generation sequencing data-processing technology. Map was originally used as a tool for human genomic research, so it wasn’t entirely sure how well it would perform in plant genomics. Jos Lunenberg, Chief Business… Continue reading

Cisca Wijmenga wins prestigious Spinoza prize

Last Friday it was announced that DTL’s Scientific Advisory Committee member Cisca Wijmenga will receive the NWO Spinoza Prize 2015, the highest award in the Netherlands science arena. She is one of four laureates, who will each receive €2.5 million to spend on scientific research. Wijmenga, Professor of Human Genetics at DTL Partners University of Groningen and University Medical Center… Continue reading

New mathematical models predict success rate of drug trials

A large part of drug trials fail when it turns out that the results for laboratory animals do not transfer to humans. However, the journal Bioinformatics recently published the results of new mathematical models  developed at DTL’s partner CWI that are able to predict the transferability of results between different organisms. The mathematical model developed by the researchers at CWI… Continue reading

The Netherlands eScience Center launches 2015 calls for proposals

DTL’s partner the Netherlands eScience Center currently offers two project calls worth 3,5 M €. The purpose of the Call for Accelerating Scientific Discovery (ASDI) is to enable domain scientists, working in application fields of Environment & Sustainability, Humanities & Social Sciences, Life Sciences & eHealth, or Physics & Beyond, to address compute-intensive and/or data-driven problems within their research. The… Continue reading

Dick de Ridder will deliver inaugural lecture

Dick de Ridder, member of the DTL Partner Advisory Committee, was appointed Professor of Bioinformatics at Wageningen University. On 30 April 2015 Professor de Ridder will give his inaugural lecture “Biology as data science- Zen and the art of bioinformatics”. His chair is part of the Plant Sciences Group (PSG) and the Graduate School of Experimental Plants Sciences (EPS).

Better, faster and earlier diagnosis with new Metabolomics Facility

On Friday 17 April Leiden Mayor Henri Lenferink has officially opened the new Metabolomics Facility of Leiden University.  The facility is the fruit of a collaboration between the BioMedical Facility of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research and the Natural Products Laboratory of the Institute of Biology Leiden and offers researchers and companies access to a unique combination of fields… Continue reading

Wageningen University’s Robert Hall receives Honorary Fellowship

Robert Hall, special professor Plant Metabolomics at DTL Partner Wageningen University, will be awarded the lifetime Honorary Fellowship of the international Metabolomics Society. Hall receives the fellowship in recognition of his role as a founding pioneer and continuous champion for the use of metabolomics as a powerful tool to better understand plant biochemistry, and as an acclaimed leader and servant… Continue reading