TNO study ADMIT first human study published via PLOS One accepted Phenotype database

DTL’s partner TNO has been involved in several multi-omics studies and is data manager of several (European) projects, such as the ADMIT study on the assessment of the dietary modulation of inflammatory tone. In this study TNO combines proteomics and metabolomics data with clinical parameters. The Phenotype database was developed for combined data analysis and data storage, and was recently… Continue reading

TNO leads European nutritional data sharing project ENPADASI

DTL’s partner TNO is coordinator of the European Nutritional Phenotype Assessment and Data Sharing Initiative (ENPADASI), a project that officially started its work programme in December 2014. The main objective of ENPADASI is to deliver an open access research infrastructure (DaShiN) that will open data of most European nutritional studies. The data will adhere to the FAIR data concept that… Continue reading

Roeland van Ham appointed professor TU Delft

DTL’s partner TU Delft can add a new name to its list of professorships: Keygene’s Roeland van Ham recently became a part-time professor computational biology at the technical university. With this special chair TU Delft’s Data science initiative and Keygene aim to change the field in plant genomics research. Since KeyGene is a pioneering company in plant research using a.o.… Continue reading

Norvig Web Data Science Award 2014

SURFsara and Common Crawl wish to give everybody the possibility to analyze open web data. Because of this they are hosting the second edition of the Norvig Web Data Science Award, a challenge to all researchers and students in the Benelux. Free access is provided to the SURFsara Hadoop cluster with a copy of the full Common Crawl web crawl… Continue reading

New Director of Netherlands eScience Center

Prof. Wilco Hazeleger is appointed as the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) new permanent director. Prof. Hazeleger, currently head of Global and Regional Climate Division at KNMI, will begin his new role in July 2014 with overall responsibility for the direction and operation of the center. NLeSC is a mission driven center that operates as a networked institute with a physical… Continue reading

Systematic integrative genomics, transcriptomics and ultra-deep proteomics analysis reveals novel insight in disease biology

Experts in proteomics from Utrecht University and next-generation DNA sequencing from the Hubrecht Institute/UMC Utrecht collaborated in a study to systematically determine the consequences of genetic variation on the transcriptome and proteome. The researchers applied ultra-deep quantitative proteomics, whole genome sequencing and RNA-seq to liver tissues from different inbred rat strains. One of these inbred rats, the spontaneously hypertensive rat… Continue reading