GENALICE expands its NGS secondary data analysis suite with important functionality for better diagnosis of oncology patients

At the opening of the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics, DTL partner GENALICE announced the release of a new version (V2.4.0) of its Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) secondary data analysis suite, GENALICE MAP. The key component of this release is the Somatic Calling module, with impressive performance and best-in-class quality results. Somatic Calling is used for molecular diagnosis… Continue reading

Young eScientist Award 2016 for research into 3D printing body parts

DTL partner the Netherlands eScience Center has awarded the Young eScientist Award 2016 to Maureen van Eijnatten (25) from VU University Medical Center. The prize aims to stimulate a young scientist demonstrating excellence in eScience: the development or application of digital technology to address scientific challenges. Money prize and support Van Eijnatten will receive EUR 10.000 to stimulate her research,… Continue reading

SURFsara Visualisation Challenge

Do you use the Dutch National e-Infrastructure for your research and do you have an awesome/interesting/fun visualisation of your work to show? Then enter your visualisations in the SURFsara Visualisation Challenge! Show us, and the world, what you do with the e-Infrastructure and how it contributes to your research. Entries will be judged on visual impact, skill required to make… Continue reading

Biobanking in the cloud

There is no question that health research benefits from the accumulation of data: the more there is, the more reliable the conclusions drawn from it. Yet, to gather the required amount of data and bio-resources, remains a tricky proposition for small to middling biotech companies, general hospitals, clinical centres of expertise, and academic centres alike. How do you set about… Continue reading

10 years of Medical Delta

Over the next few months, Medical Delta will be celebrating its tenth anniversary by visiting 13 core partners with a travelling exhibition to showcase what has been developed, achieved and created in that time. Medical Delta is a network of life sciences, health and technology organisations in the region Leiden-Delft-Rotterdam. It acts as a catalyst for health innovation and cooperation.  Various… Continue reading

OHDSI symposium 2016: a report

September 29, 2016 | By Irina Pulyakhina The second annual OHDSI symposium took place in Washington, USA, on September 23-24 2016, and DTL partner The Hyve was there. Maxim Moinat and Kees van Bochove of The Hyve went to the symposium to learn about the news and most recent events happening in the community, to network, but also to present a poster from… Continue reading

Shape instructs future fate of cells

How does a cell decide what type of cell it will be after cell division? This process was recently described by Roeland Merks and Cong Chen of DTL partner CWI in the journal Nature Communications. Together with a Japanese team of biologists, the CWI researchers discovered that the cell’s shape before division (co-)determines the functions of its daughter cells. Although… Continue reading

Euretos launches application to find diseases that can be treated with existing drugs

DTL partner Euretos has launched a groundbreaking new application that finds new disease indications for existing drug targets: ‘Indication Expansion’. Using the Indication Expansion workflow, researchers can find the most suitable alternative indications for an existing target by simultaneously assessing gene variance and expression, in depth target-disease interactions, available in vitro and in vivo experiments, and known therapeutic agents for a specified… Continue reading

MOLGENIS/connect: a system for semi-automatic integration of heterogeneous phenotype data

Biomedical scientists often need to pool data for statistical power. This requires time-intensive retrospective integration. Researchers from DTL partner University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and McGill University (Montreal, Canada) recently presented a system to address this challenge in the scientific journal Bioinformatics. Chao Pang, PhD student at UMCG and first author on the paper, explains: “The sizes and numbers of… Continue reading

Bioinformatics Industrial Users Platform starts DTL interest group

The Bioinformatics Industrial Users Platform (BIUP) has decided to strengthen its interaction with DTL by starting a DTL interest group. Within the growing DTL Industry Platform, BIUP will focus on bioinformatics issues and act as a consultative group for DTL. BIUP will be supported by DTL with the organisation of events and communication around BIUP activities. Since March 2010 BIUP… Continue reading