ALLFAIR helps to elevate your future potential with an empowered data environment!

They believe in a world that profits maximally from data that is available and usable, in all areas of society.
Providing comfort by using state-of-the-art technologies and coordinating implementation of FAIR tools with in-depth knowledge of and extensive experience in using the latest FAIR data techniques. Helping to make data and data-applications readily available. In the most effective and efficient way possible. Together with FAIR frontrunners in the field of FAIR data like GOFAIR, Health RI and DTL.

They offer strategic advice on how to move forward with your data and information systems and help to improve the strategic and actual information position.

ALLFAIR and CertiFAIR exist since April 2021. Our main objective is to help organisations improve their information position. They do this, among other things, by making data findable, accessible, interchangeable and reusable (FAIR). Digital transition, change management, measuring data maturity levels and helping organisations with working data-driven are central to our approach.

They operate at the intersection of ICT-technology, science, implementation and governance and align business and data strategy and we are not driven by technology. This means they look at the core values of an organization and work from those values towards pragmatic and easy to implement solutions. 

They work from the strategic and human-centered perspective of an organization. With broad knowledge of management and executive theory and practice. ALLFAIR operates as an independent partner to your organisation.