Level 3, Teaching and Learning Centre Queen Elizabeth University Hospital 1345 Govan Road Glasgow Scotland G51 4TF

Aridhia is the ground-breaking provider of AnalytiXagility, a trusted, secure, self-service and cloud-enabled digital research environment for biomedical, precision medicine and healthcare researchers.

Since its launch in 2014, AnalytiXagility has been selected as the core digital research and innovation platform by ground-breaking research organisations including Great Ormond Street Hospital, Radboud University Medical Centre and the Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre, and supports prestigious research programmes including the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia collaboration, Deep and Frequent Phenotyping study, and the Europe-wide ADVOCATE Added Value for Oral Care project.

Available from three trusted EU hubs, AnalytiXagility delivers secure anytime, anywhere collaborative analytics to research teams across organisational and geographical boundaries, supporting the development of new, data-driven approaches to healthcare and accelerating clinical research into clinical practice.

Headquartered in Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Aridhia’s multidisciplinary team delivers open innovation services across the UK and Europe in collaboration with the NHS, research organisations, life sciences companies, IT service providers and patients.

About AnalytiXagility

The world’s most advanced digital research environment for biomedical, precision medicine and healthcare researchers.

✓ Trusted                                      ✓ Secure                                 ✓ Self-service                               ✓ Cloud-enabled

AnalytiXagility is a Software as a Service platform and services ecosystem designed to offer diverse communities in distributed research, healthcare and precision medicine environments a way of accessing the powerful analytic capabilities required to make sense of disparate sources of privileged data in order to translate clinical research into mainstream clinical practice.

AnalytiXagility facilitates secure, auditable and reproducible research, allowing data sharing with role-based access control for collaborators and research groups. Core to this functionality are AnalytiXagility’s collaborative analytic workspaces which provide the environment in which to perform the analysis of multiple data types.

AnalytiXagility is available in two distinct ways: on a standalone project basis with the Project Edition, or as the basis for an organisation’s entire digital research environment using the Ecosystem Edition. Both versions offer users access to the core analytic workspaces and a range of supporting data services.

Key Benefits

  • Places focus on research, not on technology
  • Facilitates ingest and analysis of multiple data types at scale for projects from small to large
  • Delivers built-in open source analytical and collaboration tools, and deep domain-specific APIs
  • Offers flexible ‘bring your own tools’ functionality
  • Permits full audit functionality and traceability for data usage, reproducibility and research management purposes
  • Supports researchers and research collaborations with their data controller obligations under GDPR.
  • Minimises barriers to adoption
  • Aligns consumption to cost with platform subscription service
  • Delivers rigorous SLA-backed service