de research manager

Striksteeg 7, 7411 Deventer

Our mission: to develop business solutions taking data collection and processing ‘off the hands’ of researchers and health care specialists

De research manager was developed by Cloud9 Software, a young and fast-growing enterprise in Deventer, The Netherlands. We are ISO 27001 certified and fully specialised in data solutions for the health care sector. At de research manager, we are working on solutions offering significant support to researchers and health care professionals. Just like our clients, we want to be the best player in our professional field. It is our drive in combination with expertise, that a growing number of research and other (health care) organisations choosing to work with de research manager recognise. With the tools of de research manager data for research can be quickly collected and processed in a validated database. This happens without risk of error.

Good health care
We believe in doing what we do best. This is often difficult. In many research organisations people are working with outdated (software) technologies. This way, processes required for data collection are unnecessarily time-consuming and can lead to annoyance and unsafe situations. And that is the very reason why we developed de research manager. It enables an organisation to get to the point much faster. With this data management system, among others, patient associations and health care insurance companies get better and more rapid insight into the quality and the costs of health care. Research and health organizations applying de research manager gain time and are able to fully focus on doing what they do best: conducting excellent research and providing good health care.