Olof Palmestraat 14, 2616 LR Delft, The Netherlands

Euretos was founded in 2012 emerging from a 5 year public private partnership collaboration in the Concept Web Alliance including partners (90) like LUMC, UvA, Stanford, Yale, MIT, EBI, Harvard, Thomson Reuters, Nature, PLoS, the Rockefeller Foundation. Euretos’ goal is to provide a professional Knowledge As A Service (for the life sciences initially).

The company is privately held and the founders of Euretos have extensive backgrounds in bio-informatics & semantics, IT integration and IT support, network solutions, big data solutions and decision support systems. Euretos works closely with a number of leading academic partners including Leiden University Medical Center, the Dutch Techcentre for life sciences, the Netherlands eScience Center, the Erasmus University Medical Center.


Euretos, a DTL technology partner, features its BRAIN product, which provides enterprise grade access to an unprecedented knowledge base of life science literature and data resources. It offers revolutionary capabilities to discover, interpret and share life science knowledge. We believe every life scientist (students included) should have the best possible access to biological knowledge. We all benefit in the end. BRAIN is therefore affordable for all; not only for companies and large research groups but individual scientists as well. Students get access to the BRAIN application, including its entire knowledge base, for free.
In summary:
1. Get better answers to research questions. Faster.
2. Your research questions. Interpreted. Answered. Shared.
3. Industrial grade life sciences knowledge software. For all.

In addition to its core product BRAIN, Euretos has been actively involved in DTL’s FAIR data initiative to make research data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Euretos was contracted by DTL to build the first Proof of Value for a FAIR data-publishing service, which allows data sets to become even more valuable since they will be available for others to use. We strongly support the notion that research data generated with public funds should be ‘stewarded well’ to make sure they do not disappear when the project ends!

With many other private and public partners, Euretos participates in the ODEX project, together with CRAY analytics, as the key technology provider making its technology available to the project under a license both for the BRAIN Knowledge As a Service as well as for the FAIR data-publishing aspects of the project.