Hartwig Medical Foundation

Science Park 408, Amsterdam

Hartwig Medical Foundation is a unique Dutch initiative that enables advances in cancer research. It is the first national DNA data ‘sequencing’ centre, and brings personalised cancer care a step closer. Hartwig Medical Foundation combines ground-breaking science, innovative entrepreneurship and teamwork to seek pragmatic solutions for one of the biggest health problems of our time.

Hartwig Medical Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative that works closely with academic institutions, hospitals and experts from a range of organisations, such as oncologists, pathologists, geneticists, scientists, researchers and IT experts. Research using the data from the databank is undertaken by experts throughout the Netherlands and in close cooperation with international partners.

Hartwig Medical Foundation collects, in a single databank, genetic and clinical data from cancer patients from across the Netherlands. The data are made available for research to improve the care of future cancer patients. The process of data collection is coordinated with affiliated hospitals.

Hartwig Medical Foundation operates a nationally unique Illumina Xten sequencing infrastructure (worldwide <30 locations), with a capacity for the analysis of >15,000 whole genomes per year. The infrastructure is used for human germline and cancer genome sequencing and non-human whole genome sequencing at a minimum average coverage of 15x.