Maastricht UMC+

P. Debyelaan 25 6229 HX Maastricht

UM and azM work together under the umbrella organisation Maastricht UMC+, or Maastricht University Medical Center+. Maastricht UMC+ is the perfect partner for: health recovery, health preservation and health promotion. Quality, safety and patient focus are given the highest priority in everything we do.

Core tasks
A University Medical Center has four core tasks: patient care, education & training, research and valorization (generating social benefit, the process that converts knowledge into commercially viable products, processes or services (money)). The Maastricht UMC+ also has a strong focus on prevention, determining risk factors and early diagnostics. Hence the ‘+’ in our name. The ‘+’ also represents the integration of research, education, public health and patient care.


Under the motto of Healthy Living, the Maastricht UMC+ has widened the focus from health recovery to include health preservation and health promotion. We have developed four basic innovation themes based on this motto:

  • Lifestyle & prevention: Ensuring that people do not become patients
  • Smart technology: Using technology to keep healthcare accessible and affordable and to prevent people from becoming hospital patients and to allow them to remain independent whenever possible
  • Personalized health: Tailoring the entire healthcare chain to the individual situation of the patient
  • Operational excellence: Keeping healthcare accessible, improving employee satisfaction and staying financially healthy