eScience Center

Science Park 140 1098 XG Amsterdam

The Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) is the national hub for the development and application of domain overarching software and methods for the scientific community. NLeSC develops crucial bridges between increasingly complex modern e-infrastructures and the growing demands and ambitions of scientists from across all disciplines. The application of digitally enhanced scientific practices, referred to as eScience, is a fundamental toolbox for all researchers and is a prerequisite to ensure the Dutch knowledge sector remains competitive and the greatest return can be achieved from scientific investments. In support of this goal NLeSC funds and participates in multidisciplinary projects, with academia and industry, with optimized data-handling, efficient computing and big-data analytics at their core.

NLeSC is a joint initiative of the Dutch national research council (NWO) and the Dutch organisation for ICT in higher education and research (SURF).


Key competencies:

  • Optimized Data Handling
    Real-time data analysis, database optimization, data-interoperability, combining structured and unstructured data.
  • Big Data Analytics
    Data interpretation (data exploration, analysis, data mining, machine learning, text analysis, statistics, and visualization).
  • Efficient Computing
    High-performance and distributed computing (e.g. GRID, Cloud), heterogeneous computing, efficient algorithms, accelerated hardware (e.g. GPUs), and green computing.