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Omnigen’s Mission

It often takes years before a new scientific insight is made available to the public. Omnigen believes that recent technologies should be available to everyone. With OmniYou-Sport, Omnigen wants to make the first step in the direction of making services and products within genetics available to anyone.

We think technology is one of the most important forces involved in improving people’s lives. With the wealth that DNA research has to offer, we can begin to understand our own bodies and all processes that take place within it. Your genetic information plays a role in your day-to-day life, often without your knowing.
In these times, where healthy living has become increasingly important, sports has taken a prominent place in our lives. Whether you’re sporting to exercise or training for an important match, your DNA can tell you a lot about the foods you need and the sort of activity that you will benefit from. You can also learn which injuries you may be prone to, and the best way to recover from them. This makes DNA research not only beneficial for professional athletes, but also for those who work out to stay in shape.

What we want

With backgrounds in bio-informatics and genetics, we are specialised in translating the most recent scientific developments and researches to sports. In doing this, we work closely together with all sorts of experts, like physiologists, nutritionists, sports doctors and trained professionals who work with training, performance, recovery, et cetera.

We’re always looking for new opportunities to work together with experts and enthusiasts – anything we can do to improve athletes’ performance and experience. We invite everyone to join the discussions and research on DNA-technology.


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