Quaero Systems

BioScience Center Runderweg 6 8219 PK Lelystad

Flexibility is the research standard.
Quaero Systems specializes in logistical solutions on research.

Tracking and tracing of all processes is an absolute requirement for storing of research data. To meet these requirements Quaero Systems included a process generator. This process generator follows each project step by step.

Research project management
Every project comes with a set of unique Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). These SOP’s include registration, preparation and storage procedures. All SOP’s are stored digitally, which provides a unique dataset in the Quaero Systems database.

FAIR data
Quaero Systems complies to the FAIR data requirements.

Simple to find by man and machine. Required descriptions in meta data makes interesting datasets possible

Stored for the long term and accessible by pre-described access levels.

Ready to be combined with other datasets.

Ready to be used for future research and to be enriched using computational methods

Barcode coding speeds up the logistics process

Research processes are sped up by the use of coding materials.

By coding all the research materials we speed up the logistical processes and make physical localization of all materials possible. Quaero Systems accepts all existing coding standards like alpha-numeric, barcode, Datamatrix and RFID. Research processes are designed depending on the coding method chosen. Quaero Systems has experience with all methods, applications and hardware requirements.

Scanners, printers and labels are specifically selected to comply with research demands. Investments and usability are included in the hardware package