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It is our mission to transform healthcare and life sciences by accelerating the introduction of impactful innovations.

We aim for a world where better medicines, tools and therapies come to the market faster and where life sciences innovations change patients’ lives for the better. We are here to help biomedical innovators tackling the challenges associated with disruptive healthcare innovations.

We are passionate about technologies that can change life sciences and healthcare for the best and are eager to embark on this exciting adventure together with you.



Our experts and clients love to share their valuable insights about the latest developments in life sciences. We monitor transformative breakthroughs, put them into perspective and highlight the field’s opportunities and challenges.

AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become increasingly important in the healthcare sector for different reasons. Currently, there is an urgent need for innovations that assist clinicians in making informed decisions for personalised medicine.

Broadly, the healthcare system needs to become more efficient and health professionals need to be more productive. AI has the potential to address these needs using real-world data to develop a learning healthcare system. Altogether, AI will likely play a role in managing healthcare costs in a sustainable way.

In our series of publications about AI we reflect on these developments to guide life sciences researchers, entrepreneurs and clinicians in their efforts to transform healthcare with AI.