Utrecht University

Heidelberglaan 8, 3584 CS Utrecht

Utrecht University is an international research university of the highest quality. This has been demonstrated for many years by its high positions in international rankings such as the Shanghai Ranking and the Times Higher Ranking.


Bright minds, better future
The University is the alma mater of many leading names, academics and scientists who have made an important contribution to the quality of society. These include Nobel Prize winner Christiaan Eijkman, one of the first to discover vitamins, neuro-pharmacologist David de Wied and the most recent Nobel Prize winner, theoretical scientist Gerard ’t Hooft. All these scientists and academics, from far in the past up to the present day, are what makes Utrecht University what it is today. Through innovative research and education, they have contributed to the University’s mission in society: Bright Minds, Better Future.

Innovative education
Utrecht University invests in educating the leaders of the future, offering high-quality, innovative education, with a high student pass rate. In the Netherlands, Utrecht University is a pioneer in innovative educational concepts, such as that of the University College. The Utrecht model of education stands for personal and interactive education, flexibility and freedom of choice for students, and permanent professional development for lecturers.

Research focus
The University conducts fundamental and applied research in a wide range of disciplines. Multidisciplinary research in Utrecht focuses on four strategic themes: Dynamics of Youth, Institutions, Life Sciences and Sustainability.