Get involved

DTL is a collaborative life sciences technology and data expert platform for:

  • researchers, technical experts and engineers working in academia or industry
  • research groups
  • research organisations (public or private)

Researchers/technical experts/engineers can participate directly in DTL events, courses and other activities. To stay up-to-date, subscribe to the DTL newsletter and mailinglist.

Experienced research groups and service providers with specialised life science research facilities are invited to participate as technology hotel and/or as innovation lab.

Public/private organisations are welcome to participate in DTL by becoming a partner in the DTL Alliance. DTL is organised as a public-private partnership open to universities, university medical centres, universities of applied science (‘HBO’), public research institutes and companies. Each partner is directly represented in the DTL organisation through membership of the Partner Advisory Committee. More information on the DTL partnership is available here.

The DTL partnership is beneficial from several perspectives, including:

  • New funding opportunities: DTL promotes cross-sector investment agendas to enable the development of truly novel technologies and infrastructures, which are the cornerstones of ambitious science and innovation programmes. DTL actively engages funding bodies in this process, to emphasize the continuous need for technology development and to ensure a strong position of the DTL partners in (inter)national funding schemes.
  • Big data challenges: It is obvious that current and future data management requires solutions that are beyond the capacities of individual organisations. DTL provides the platform to organise a common approach, to build the required infrastructure and to keep on developing the necessary expertise; all of this closely aligned with international activities, most prominently ELIXIR.
  • Data Stewardship: The need for new approaches in data publishing and sustainability of elementary data sets is increasingly recognized as essential to progress in life sciences research. Funding agencies are developing firm data stewardship policies and publishers are adapting their requirements for data publication. Being part of DTL means easy access to all expertise required for implementing data stewardship capabilities.
  • Efficient investment in technology: DTL is the perfect environment for partners to tune their research infrastructure and technology development activities to the expertise of the other DTL parners, allowing more targeted and cost-effective investments in in-house development schemes and facilities.
  • Access to advanced technologies: Promoting communal technology and data standards and harmonising access to facilities are key to DTL. This way, we can all optimally benefit from each other’s capacities and expertise.