International Chemical Discovery & Design Course

This course covers the recent advances in discovery informatics, with a focus on the application to real life problems. The course, combining practicals and lectures, will introduce and discuss different scientific concepts as well as providing an opportunity to gain practical experience using industry standard software.

Date: June 6-17, 2016

Target audience: The course is targeted to MSc students, PhD students and post-docs. A basic background in bioinformatics or computational chemistry is a prerequisite for attendance.

Programme: You can expect lectures and practicals on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Computational Discovery & Design
  • Comparative Protein Modelling
  • Sequence Retrieval, Analysis and Alignment Techniques
  • Computational Medicinal Chemistry; Molecular Descriptors & Library Design
  • The Application of Computational Drug Design to Real Life Problems
  • Molecular Docking and Virtual Screening
  • Advanced 3D Database Searches and Scaffold Hopping
  • QSAR and COMFA methods
  • Structure Based Drug Design Techniques

The course is free. You should however pay for travelling and lodging expenses yourself.