Bayes in Action 10th edition

Introduction to Bayesian statistics and Machine Learning
Do you ever wonder how Google can so quickly conjure up relevant search results for you? Or, why ten years ago you received spam regularly and currently almost none? Or, how Nate Silver could predict so accurately the 2008 U.S. presidential elections in all fifty states?A seemingly simple formula invented by Rev. Thomas Bayes in the 18th century reveals the secret.

Bayesian statistics is making an irreversible global push in all conceivable areas. Despite the simplicity of the formula itself, Bayesian statistics is quite complex. The course starts with the question: What is your model? Using Bayes’ Rule, step-by-step it is demonstrated how to make a good model. A good model yields powerful predictions.

Bayes in Action is a training program to quickly master the knowledge of Bayes.

Target audience: Bayes in Action focuses on managers and researchers. Managers learn how to synthesize their intuition, knowledge and information from outside in making the best possible decisions. Researchers learn to reason logically about the actual world through Bayesian statistics. Read more

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This course is organized by Bontekoe Research, Amsterdam and hosted by CAN Diensten, Amsterdam