Advanced Microscopy and Vital Imaging

The aim of this one-week course is to introduce and discuss the technologies and applications of various advanced microscopic techniques. Also tissue and cell preparation protocols and immunocytochemical procedures will be discussed. Finally, vital imaging and quantification of molecular processes in the cell will be explained and demonstrated.

Date: June 8, 2015

Target audience: Post-Doc, Ph.D and Master students in the Life Sciences

Program: This course is composed of lectures, practical training, and demonstrations on the following topics:
– Basic microscopy
– Fluorescence microscopy
– Confocal scanning laser microscopy
– Super-resolution microscopy (with a focus on STED)
– Multiphoton-scanning laser microscopy
– Vital imaging of cells and tissues, including GFP-technology
– Computer-enhanced digital video microscopy
– Fluorescence recovery after bleaching (FRAP)
– Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
– Fluorescence life time imaging (FLIM)
– Immuno- and cryo-electron microscopy
– Sample preparation for microscopy
– Image processing (ImageJ)

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