Bayes in Action, a 1-day workshop in Bayesian statistics

The Art and Craft of Data Science

Date: 14 February 2018

Bayes in Action was written with the perspective of addressing practical data analysis problems. It exposes as little mathematics as possible, while at the same time trying to maximize on useful, novel insights. The course is at an M.Sc. level with a few advanced topics.

The topics are:

  • what is your model?
  • overfitting the data, which often goes unnoticed
  • regression models, how to optimise the parameters
  • model selection, finding the best model
  • missing data, how to overcome these
  • prediction models and their uncertainty
  • non-linear models and aliasing
  • machine learning

All topics are illustrated by on-line demonstrations. Ample time is taken for substantive discussion. Affinity with some math, statistics and data analysis at a masters level is assumed.

Course dates:
Wednesday February 14th 2018 in Amsterdam

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The course is in the English language.

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