Bayes in Action

A training program geared to quickly master a new, essential competence.

Bayesian statistics yields a better model by utilizing our prior knowledge. Bayes in Action is a training program geared to quickly master this competence. The topics are:

  • what is your model?
  • overfitting the data, which often goes unnoticed
  • regression models, how to optimise the parameters
  • model selection, finding the best model
  • missing data, how to overcome these
  • prediction models and their uncertainty
  • non-linear models and aliasing

Furthermore, a number of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning topics will be discussed along with their pitfalls.

All topics are illustrated by working demonstrations. Ample time is taken for substantive discussion. The Bayesian statistics training is designed for participants with a basic mathematical and statistical background.

Target audience: R&D department managers, bio-information researchers, data scientists, econometricians, epidemiologists, pharma scientists, financial managers, forensic investigators, geologists, mathematicians, medical researchers, healthcare managers, market investigators, physicists, psychologists, space researchers, statisticians, astronomers, meteorologists, and, last but not least, PhD students.

Affinity with some math, statistics and data analysis at a masters level is assumed.

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