Bioinformatics in Proteomics

This course provides an in-depth understanding in applications of online bioinformatics tools for proteomic research.

Course date: 6 December 2017

During the course, easy to follow explanations are given for extensive sequence analysis, post-translational and chemical modifications, and structural configuration of proteins. Practical applications of bioinformatics tools will also be discussed in the content of the course.

On account of fast-growing data in Life Sciences, computer-based solutions in data storage and management have been an irreplaceable tool for researchers. This course provides the theoretical knowledge and a hands-on training on the latest online bioinformatics tools for Mass Spectrometry-based proteomics research, in the scope of peptide and protein identification, functional analysis, and data sharing.

Trainees will participate in interactive sessions using a wide range of online bioinformatics tools. They will interact with raw data derived from Mass Spectrometry-based analysis to identify sequences, determine functions, and specify chemical modifications. During the course, there will be several tasks to gain complete understanding of bioinformatics applications for proteomics. Case studies, practical features and applications of those tools will be presented along.


  • · Understanding and using bioinformatics tools to analyze proteomics data.
  • · Browsing, retrieving, and submitting proteomics data.
  • · Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of bioinformatics analysis approaches.

Target group: This course is aimed at research scientists, of any biological discipline, laboratory and clinical staff working on quantitative analysis of peptides and proteins, as well as specialists in related fields. Trainees are required to bring their own laptops for the interactive tasks in the course.

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