Biological Network Analysis

The focus of the course is on integrative approaches in pathway and network analysis with a hands-on training on the visualisation and analysis programs PathVisio and Cytoscape. The participants will acquire practical knowledge that they can apply directly in their research on visualization and analysis of ‘omics’ data with networks.

Date: 17-18 September 2015

Target audience: The course is aimed at PhD students, PostDocs and researchers in the field of biology or bioinformatics. While the majority of the course content is applied ‘hands-on’ and uses mainly graphical programs (PathVisio and Cytoscape), the participants should also have an interest in learning more about the technical (mathematical) background, and do simple data pre-processing steps on the command line (R and Linux, of which no prior knowledge is required, commands to use are provided).

Programme: We will discuss the concepts of networks, and their application to biological examples like gene interaction networks, metabolic pathways, gene regulation- and signal transduction pathways.
We will introduce the graphical programs PathVisio and Cytoscape and use it in the practical training for data visualization and analysis. We will use pathways from public resources like WikiPathways to create pathway visualizations and analyse experimental data. Furthermore, we will analyze differential gene expression data and will identify the affected metabolic (sub)pathways (KEGG/ gene ontology).