Biomedical Research Techniques

PhD students (and others) often experience that not all expertise for biomedical techniques or assays they need to perform at their research project is readily available in their department. The Postgraduate school offers with this course the wonderful opportunity to exchange this expertise. This course is organized by and for PhD-students.

Date: Oct 13-17, 2014

Target audience: PhD students

Program: The program is set up in six half day sessions and is based on: DNA, RNA, Proteome, Cell, Tissue and organ.
The topics for the half day sessions of each day are (preliminary, subject to change):
Day 1: primers and probes, sequencing, SNP-analysis, methylation
Day 2: RNA, RNA expression arrays, RT PCR, siRNA, data mining
Day 3: site visit DNA/RNA labs; proteomes, mass spectrometry
Day 4: (morning) cytotoxicity, ELISA & flow cytometry; (afternoon) Microscopy: Quantitative confocal microscopy, Image analysis, FRET, FRAP & computer modeling
Day 5: Applied Molecular Imaging: MRI, CT, Nuclear, Optical in vivo; site visits proteomics labs

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