Browsing Genes and Genomes with UCSC: Basic & Advanced

This workshop will show how the UCSC Genome Browser is used to view multiple data sets at a variety of scales, from single-base to whole-genome. Attendees will learn browser navigation and an overview of the paradigm for data display. Selected datasets will be presented, such as UCSC Genes (a gateway to a large number of data sources) OMIM and Comparative Genomics tracks. Attendees will also learn about search, and about sharing information with others via Custom Tracks, the Sessions tool and the pdf-export function. Also presented will be the most recent tools, including bigBed and bigWig file formats, display of BAM files from high-throughput sequencing and data hubs.
Practical exercises will include Table Browser queries; using Custom Tracks; BLAT, a program for sequence alignment on the genome and the isPCR tool to test the uniqueness and predicted product from PCR (including on RNAs).

Date: : April 1, 2015 (Basic), April 2, 2015 (Advanced)

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